20 of the Best Amazon Seller Blogs for 2020

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20 of the Best Amazon Seller Blogs for 2020

Being a successful Amazon seller or entrepreneur is all about trial-and-error. You make mistakes, you learn from them, and you grow. But some find themselves stuck in a rut, unable to scale up their Amazon business. That’s why it’s valuable to read about others’ experiences. You can learn from others’ failures and problems so you can avoid many of the major pitfalls that come with being an Amazon seller.

Whether you’re a new Amazon seller or you’ve got some experience and want to scale up your business, you can undoubtedly benefit from the best Amazon seller blogs around. Here, at Online Seller Consulting, we’ve put together a list of 20 of the top Amazon seller blogs for 2020 so that you can learn from some of the best.

The resources you’ll find in this list of top blogs for Amazon sellers will help you with the following aspects of running an Amazon business:

  • Setting up your Amazon seller account
  • Discovering profitable products to sell on Amazon
  • Keyword research to make sure your products are highly visible
  • Marketing your products so they reach the right target customers
  • Growing and scaling your business
  • Scoping out and beating your competition

Please continue reading for a brief overview of the top Amazon seller blogs for 2020.

[Please Note: This is a list of the top Amazon seller blogs, but it’s not ranked or arranged in any particular order.]

1. eComEngine logo

eComEngine is a brilliant platform that lets you automate your Amazon feedback management, inventory, and product research. It’s a crucial and valuable tool for all established Amazon sellers looking to skyrocket their productivity. Their blog, likewise, is an incredibly valuable resource because they share news and tips from industry leaders and experts.

Get started with these Amazon seller blog posts from eComEngine:

Learn more about eComEngine’s highly regarded Amazon seller software here – FeedbackFive, MarketScout, and RestockPro.

2. Sellozo logo

Sellozo is a professional software and consultation service that simplifies and automates the Amazon selling experience. Their blog section is replete with quick, concise, and digestible information on the nitty-gritty aspects running a successful Amazon business such as how to increase traffic, how to hire virtual assistants to manage your portfolio, how to get your brand gated, etc. The best part is that their content is extremely concise and easy to scan.

Start with these Sellozo blog posts to help you sell on Amazon:

Learn more about Sellozo’s fully automated ad optimization platform.

3. Full-Time FBA logo

Full-Time FBA is one of the best blogs for Amazon sellers because it includes a healthy combination of textual and visual guides. Whether you like reading or watching videos, Stephen Smotherman has you covered as he discusses Amazon sale details, pricing, how to choose products, and much more. His blog is especially useful for those who want an unbiased review of Amazon seller tools and repricing strategies.

Here are a couple of great Amazon seller blog lists from Full-Time FBA:

4. Feedvisor logo

Feedvisor prides itself on being an AI-driven optimization tool for “large sellers and brands.” They’re a premium service that is suitable for large businesses and Amazon sellers with massive inventories and traffic. Their blog section includes actionable content that explores aspects of being an Amazon seller that you wouldn’t otherwise think of, such as protecting your business from black hat tactics or understanding the implications of Amazon’s sales velocity limits.

Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to selling on Amazon with these suggested Feedvisor articles:

Learn more about Feedvisor’s AI-powered Amazon repricer, PPC management, and brand optimization platform.

5. SellerEngine

Seller Engine is a platform that can help you manage your Amazon products and listing. This platform gives you an estimated profit from any product you choose to sell along with guidance on FBA shipments, schedule, and repricing.

Seller Engine’s blog is a treasure trove for Amazon sellers of all levels. Here are a couple we suggest:

Learn more about SellerEngine’s products and services here.

6. StartupBros logo

Will Mitchell’s story is one that’s sure to resonate with most aspiring Amazon sellers. He’s a high school dropout who never went to college or held a job. Before he had even turned 18, he started importing goods from China to sell them online — and that was just the first step towards becoming a multimillionaire in the online realm. His blog at StartupBros has actionable insights and how-to guides on not just being an Amazon seller but being a successful entrepreneur in any platform.

Check out these top Amazon seller blog posts from StartupBros:

7. Webretailer logo

WebRetailer provides high-end advanced information to Amazon sellers. Created by Andy Geldman, this blog isn’t necessarily suitable for beginners, but it’s an extremely valuable tool for those who are already selling on Amazon but find themselves plateauing and in need of expansion.

Get to the next level in your Amazon selling business with these blog posts from WebRetailer:

8. Sellics logo

Sellics shares insightful strategies and tips to take your Amazon business to the next level. Most of their blogs are focused on the specifics and minutiae of running an online business such as brand registry, how to automate Amazon advertisements, finding competitor conversion rates, and other such strategies.

Take a deep-dive into Amazon Selling with these blog posts from Sellics:

Learn more about Sellics all-in-one set of Amazon seller tools.

9. JungleScout logo

Founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer, JungleScout is an invaluable resource for Amazon sellers who can find tools to promote their business. The blog is suitable for everyone regardless of their current status as Amazon sellers, be it a beginner or an expert.

Stay ahead of the Amazon selling game with these articles, compliments of the Jungle Scout blog:

Learn more about Jungle Scout product finder and research tool.

10. SellerApp logo

SellerApp is a platform that provides brilliant tools for Amazon sellers for tasks like keyword research, optimizing listing quality, product research, and so much more. Their blogs discuss how to optimize your search results and product rankings using a wide range of tools to become a successful business.

Start your Amazon Seller education with these SellerApp blog articles:

Learn more about SellerApp’s comprehensive platform for Amazon sellers.

11. Jordan Malik - Honest Online Selling logo

Jordan Malik is an award-winning blogger, author, and Amazon seller who has helped thousands of online sellers establish successful businesses. He has also been interviewed by reputable platforms like The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. Through his blog, he gives you an overview of his personal success story while offering valuable tips and strategies.

Get some great insights into the Amazon selling universe with these blog posts:

12. Jim Cockrum - Silent Sales Machine

Jim Cockrum is widely considered to be one of the world’s most trusted internet marketers and is a consistent Top 10 seller on Amazon. His primary goal is to help entrepreneurs earn a steady income from their online business. He shows you how to build multiple streams of income and sell on Amazon.

Read up on these blog posts to stay in-the-know on all things Amazon:

Learn more about Jim’s Proven Amazon Course 2.0 and book, Silent Sales Machine.

13. AmazonSellersLawyer logo

Amazon Seller Lawyer, as the name suggests, is a blog that focuses on the legalities of owning an Amazon business. The blog is run by CJ Rosenbaum, who is the founding partner of the law firm behind this platform. Amazon policies keep changing in ways that can drastically affect your business if you don’t keep up with those changes. This blog helps you keep yourself updated with all the policy changes and Amazon news so you can continue thriving in the constantly shifting Amazon landscape.

Stay on the cutting edge with these articles from the Amazon Seller Lawyer blog:

14. Taxomate logo

Taxomate Amazon Accounting & Taxomate Amazon Seller

This is a special 2-for-1! Taxomate is a platform that has two separate blogs, one for Amazon Accounting and the other for Amazon Selling. While the accounting blog focuses on the specifics of earnings, taxes, and the financial aspects of your business, the selling blog focuses on how to expand your business. Basically, the two blogs can act like your personal financial and business advisors.

For top-level content related to Amazon selling and Amazon accounting, check these articles out:

15. AmazonSEOConsultant

Amazon SEO Consultant is a platform that helps your Amazon products rank — all you need is a good product and an Amazon seller account. Their blogs section, meanwhile, is the ideal location to learn their tricks and help your Amazon products rank yourself! While they cover most topics, their blog is focused specifically on helping you rank better and gain traction.

Get started with these recommended Amazon SEO Consultant blog posts:

16. nichepursuits

Niche Pursuits, run by Spencer Haws, is a platform in which he discusses niche business ideas. Over the years, Haws has become a master of developing niche business ideas and turning them into profitable sources of passive income. He’s developed websites for buying and selling, he runs a software company, an Amazon affiliate website, and he even sells products through Amazon FBA. In his platform, Haws discusses the intricacies of selling on Amazon, how to make a profit, how to research products, and so much more. Furthermore, he inserts screenshots of his actual earnings and statistics so you know he’s 100% legit.

Niche Pursuits offers top-level advice for Amazon sellers with informative blog posts like these:

17. A Better Lemonade Stand logo

A Better Lemonade Stand is an extremely useful blog and platform created by eCommerce entrepreneur Richard Lazzazera. The best aspect of this blog is that you can filter the content based on the phase you’re on — Build, Launch, or Grow. We’re all in different stages in our Amazon selling journey. As such, this blog gives you actionable guides and insight relevant to your specific needs. This blog helps you will product selection, tools and resources, how-to guides, gaining traffic, and a lot more.

Learn how to do Amazon selling the right way with these blog posts from A Better Lemonade Stand:

18. The Selling Family logo

The Selling Family is a unique blog for Amazon sellers with a family. Co-founders Jessica and Cliff are partners in life and business — as such, their blog helps people manage the perfect work-life balance. Their blog takes the readers through their journey and shows them how to create a successful Amazon seller business while also keeping your family a priority. Through their success and failures, you can establish your passive income streams to safeguard your future!

Read up on these blog posts from The Selling Family to learn more about selling on Amazon:

19. Up Fuel logo

UpFuel, founded by Chris Guthrie, is an all-round Amazon seller platform that can help you increase your Amazon reviews, provide eCommerce analytics, and create affiliate links. They have some of the best blogs for Amazon sellers, complete with tutorials, advice, free videos, and eBooks charting the entire stage of creating an Amazon business.

UpFuel’s blog offers high-quality information for successfully selling products on Amazon. Check these out:

20. Online Selling Experiment logo

Online Selling Experiment is a platform run by Ryan Grant, a 7-figure retail businessman who can show you how to establish and scale your online Amazon business. His blog is a treasure trove of useful information for beginners and advanced Amazon sellers alike. He shares case studies, tips on sales rank, and how to leverage affiliate marketing. If you’re looking for the most useful Amazon seller blogs, you need to look no further.

Check out Online Selling Experiment’s blog for some of the best Amazon Seller advice at all levels:

What do you think of these Amazon seller blogs? What other great blogs for Amazon sellers should we add to our list? Please share your favorite Amazon seller blogs in the comments section or through our ShareAResource link.

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