Sellics – Amazon Seller Tools All-In-One

Sellics - All-In-One Set of Amazon Seller Tools

price: $47 – $67 per month; FREE 14-day trial

Sellics is an all-in-one set of Amazon seller tools to increase organic traffic, automate PPC campaigns, track profits, and much more.

Features Include:

Profit Dashboard
Sellics Profit Dashboard



The Profit Dashboard shows your exact profit margins after all your costs are deducted (Amazon fees, PPC spend, promos, item cost, etc.) It is seamlessly integrated with Seller Central and your profit data is displayed in real time.



PPC Manager

Sellics PPC Manager




Automate and optimize your Amazon PPC spend.





Amazon Ranking Optimizer

Sellics Ranking Optimizer




Find new keywords, optimize listings, monitor & boost rankings.





Competitor Monitoring

Sellics Competitor Monitoring



Provides an overview of your competitors’ products and their prices




Product Research

Sellics Product Research




Generate product ideas and find the most profitable niches




Review Management

Sellics Review Management




Automate negative review alerts.





Inventory Management

Sellics Inventory Management



Upload the lead time for each of your products. Sellics will automatically calculate the perfect reorder date for each product based on its current sales velocity and lead time.




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