Seller Locker – Amazon Inventory & Fee Management Tool

Seller Locker - Amazon Inventory & Fee Management Tool

Seller Locker - Amazon inventory and fee management tool

Seller Locker is an Amazon inventory tracking and FBA pick & pack fee management tool for Amazon Sellers.  Seller Locker analyzes your FBA account and optimizes the FBA process including reimbursements.

Inventory Tracking

  • Transparent inventory tracking with immediate results
  • Quickly and easily manage any inventory related discrepancies
  • Software starts working immediately after sign up
  • One portal with all seller tools (pick & pack fee auditor, calculator, etc.) for managing all reimbursement cases
  • File cases with the click of a button

Pick & Pack Fee Manager

  • Ensure your items are set with the correct fees based upon accurate measurements
  • Find money owed to you due to previous fee fluctuations, up to 18 months ago
  • Track fee fluctuations, shipments, and inventory 24/7

Seller Locker Dashboard Tutorial


CLICK HERE for a Seller Locker blog post from early 2019 comparing Seller Locker solution to other competitor tools.

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