SellerMobile – 15+ Management Tools for Amazon Sellers

SellerMobile - 15+ Management Tools for Amazon Sellers

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SellerMobile All-In-One Amazon Seller Tool

SellerMobile is an all-in-one Amazon seller software that offers more than 40 reports and tools and features to help Amazon sellers manage their business, grow their customer reach, and optimize Amazon sales and profitability. It is accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

SellerMobile - Desktop and Mobile Amazon Marketplace Software

Price & Feedback Automation, Restock, Lost Sales Analysis and More

SellerMobile’s Powerful Analytics and Automated Tools Include:

  • Sales Dashboard: The most comprehensive dashboard that aggregates all sales numbers so you can visualize trends, outliers, year-around sales, slow-moving inventory, demand calculations, and a summary of all tools on one screen.
  • Profit Analysis: Factors in storage, Amazon, PPC, processing, and shipping fees to calculate your bottom line profits.
  • Restock Tool: See restock suggestions, sales/demand forecast, current FBA inventory data and create FBA restock plans and purchase orders directly in software.
  • Inventory Management: Achieve optimal inventory levels with transparent inventory tracking for inventory asset value, inventory storage fee analysis, and more.
  • Feedback Automation: Create effective, automated email campaigns and analyze key metrics like engagement rate and email performance trends.
  • Repricer Tool: Automate repricing so your pricing is competitive without continuous monitoring. Capture more sales, win more Buy Box, set repricing parameters and compete according to your rules.
  • Amazon PPC Tool: Get an understanding of your advertising cost of sale and CTR. Lower ACoS percentages and understand which campaigns and keywords are driving sales.
  • Instant Alerts: Get an instant alert when you get a new sale, a hijacker jumps onto one of your listings, an item is out-of-stock, and 10+ account alerts that may be impacting your Amazon business.
  • Restock Shipping Labels: Download and print FBA restock shipping labels directly in SellerMobile after you complete your restock plan and send it to Amazon Seller Central for processing.
  • Track Amazon FBA Shipments: Get tracking info to see if your shipments have reached fulfillment centers. Data is synchronized in real-time from Amazon Seller Central.

SellerMobile Mobile App (iOS & Android)

SellerMobile Mobile App

SellerMobile has the most comprehensive mobile app for Amazon sellers and has the ability to:

  • track sales, orders, units sold, profit, and margin by date or item.
  • analyze performance trends between varying time periods by comparing sales, profits, orders, units sold, ROI, margin, promos offered, and refunds
  • see all recent orders and a complete breakdown of each order.
  • view lost sales and projected loss in sales if restock is not fulfilled.
  • see total, stranded, and inactive Amazon listings.
  • analyze restock by items, supplier, brand, and a complete breakdown of what to restock of each item.
  • view all repriced listings, a log of repricing, Buy Box winners, set repricing parameters, and create strategies.
  • manage auto-feedback campaigns, how many emails are going out, open-rates, and more feedback stats.
  • track storage fees, FBA inventory asset value, refunds, Amazon ad spend, recent FBA shipments, current assets, and more!

SellerMobile will help you spot gaps and issues, make smarter decisions faster, and reduce the stress of growing your Amazon business even when you’re on the go.

Check out SellerMobile all-in-one Amazon seller management tool.

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